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Excellent casual design

I found the design simple and lovely. Loved to wear it on casual occasions.

Defect again but replaced

I received the first item with the detached top button (left), and then I requested a return and replacement. But then, I still received another defective item (right). See for yourself. I should given this a 1 star, but I reconsidered the gratitude that CR showed to me by offering a return & and replacement.

The customer service was very accommodating and immediately apologized and sent the 3rd replacement on their end. Though I felt a little disappointed that I wasn't able to wear this at the right moment, but on the positive side, I didn't shoulder any extra fee at all, no hassle on my end and just patiently wait for the good replacement to arrive. Thanks a lot, skoop.

BASIKS Banner Ankle Socks White Reveiw

Good day, SKOOP Community! The socks have an excellent design as well as the fabric. The design was simple yet so cool.

By the way, I got an email about the free lanyard, but I don't know when I can get it. Is there an email about the schedule of it? thanks!

Great design and fit, but-

Love the design, fit and the feel of the rayon, but i wished you could have hem it properly. Made quite a mess when I washed it

SKOOP® Happy Accidents Sweatpants
Christian Clark Niño Cuizon
Item no lace?

Delivery was too long.

SKOOP® Kuro Sweater
Kuro Sweater

Cool drop! Comfy to wear. Love it!

Order #22722


Stiches are broken

Hi just want to give a feedback.
I am so disappointed right now because of the stitches on the lower part of the tshirt it’s breaking apart. I just wore it now and my friend noticed it and the part of the pocket. First I bought your merch at Sm North then I switched up immediately to your brand. Then I try to buy online,however, there’s an issue like the payment is set up for cod even though I paid it online but you respond about that. Thank you for that. Last this I bought it online because of the sale. I’m so excited and looking forward to it and then there is no availability of the color then I adjust for it. You even promise to compensate it for a sticker which is okay to me even though there’s nothing in the parcel. I’m not mad I’m just disappointed. Having this kind of issue is new to me and I’m thinking it’s because of the sale(TWINNING). I’m not gonna refund or return this. I hope y’all fix the issue so the next customer will not leave a bad review like this.

God bless


Hi Team skoop. I freaking love your products specially the jersey shirts. You won't believe me that as soon as I received the jersey I already used it to play basketball. I love how the cloth was made and the flexibility of the jersey. Now I'm so tempted to avail the buy 1 take 1 promotion but I want to save up some money for the new jacket you guys are cooking up. Freaking love it!

SKOOP® Kuro Sweater
Ivan Vila
Kuro Sweater

It has good threads and comfortable on the skin even if sweaty and it is also good for layering crew neck shirts

Da bomb diggity!

I super love this Maverick button down. The quality is superb! I hope you guys can do more of these especially the softness of the material. If I could give 10 stars then I would. Cheers, fam! 👏🏻💪🏻

SKOOP® Komainu Shirt White
Dairhene Thea Maranan
Quality is SUPERB!!

Love the Skoop merchs I have purchase! Shared them with my bf and he loves it too. Has a nice quality and designs are vv nice.

SKOOP® Basiks Sweatshirt Olive Drab
Christian Jasper Portes

The sweater feels soft and it looks nice when worn

SKOOP® Treat and Bones
Francis John Pio
Very satisfied

Great customer service and the quality is so gooddd. Would definitely buy and recommend it to my friends ❤️

Cool Stuff

I really love all the design and the fabric. All items are all worthy to buy for.. I can’t wait to place my future orders! ❤️❤️❤️

Excited to give this, but

How should this be cleaned? There are no care labels or fiber content labels!

SKOOP® Ghost Gang Hoodie
Bryan Christopher Samonte
Sheeesh 🔥

Got it all!!!

SKOOP® Team Skoop Furr Gang
Rafael Angelo Panaligan

Thank Skoop!!! Great hoodie


First time buying here in SKOOP's website, and I'm satisfied!!! As for the jacket, the print have flaws, but their design is why I bought this. And the fabric is thick, it makes you feel warm when you're in cold places.

Missing the old embroidered SKOOP

the prints are fine though ive purchased previous designs where SKOOP is embroidered rather than printed. would have love to see it back in future designs. as a frequent buyer, im quite disappointed


Fabric is nice, the deliver is fast kahit na im from mindanao didnt expect to arrive early. Thankyou!

Basiks Box Tee Onyx

I love the tees! Hopefully you guys can do black shorts. Will surely buy again in the near future! 🫰🏻

POKÉMON™ Sticker Booster Pack by SKOOP®
Good Quality

nice hoodie and super cute pokemon stickers ilove it so much

Chris De Real

First time buying SKOOP SHORT I really like the fabric and I felt bad choosing the medium size because it's big for me, but it's ok the quality is so good and so comfy to wear thank you u Skoop.


First time buying SKOOP HOODIE and I like the fabric, but the back design is not well printed some have tiny bubbles, but it's ok the quality of the hoodie is so good and I really love Pokemon. Keep up the good quality 😄