Inside Skoop

While the world was forever changed and is still changing, we took a step back to dig deep into our roots again: why Skoop? 

Skoop always started with people. 

Back in 2017, it started with Dominic, Sharraine, and a crazy pipe dream and today the Skoop team has grown and the Kommunity grew even more. We’re so happy to have a Kommunity of people who believe in our vision of creating unique streetwear that doesn’t compromise quality or creativity.

What goes into each Skoop collection? 

Designs inspired by the things we love (from travel, to culture, to the important things), sourcing each ingredient from the cloth, the materials, the ink, and ultimately culminating into streetwear that not only resonates with people but it feels like quality that will last for years.

It’s always been the Kommunity that’s been keeping us going throughout the years, even when times get tough. We’ve met so many of you and as a thank you to the Kommunity, we filmed a much requested three part documentary of Skoop with our founders Dominic and Sharraine.