We create casual urban wear with subtle interpretations of fashion trends, to keep you current, yet still you.


Skoop, the go-to source for inspiration on current fashion, music, art, and lifestyle cultures.






Brand Description


Skoop is the only lifestyle brand that creates casual wear for those who want to stay current, but not mainstream. Skoop wants to highlight on individuality by scooping out for the latest style trends and making a subtle and fresh interpretation of it.


We want to build a community of individuals who stand up for who they are and what they believe in. A group of people who are brave enough to pursue their passions and strive to make a mark in these untraditional fields. Those who say - this is what I like, this i my passion, I believe in it, and I am trying to make something of it. It's not a competition. It's a community. These are the people we want to represent.